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Sefety Measures regarding Covid-19

Since the first day we opened our restaurant, we have always maintained a high standard of hygene & cleanliness.

Now, due to the Covid-19 epidemic, we have adopted even stricter measures so that we can maintain the Health and Safety of our guests and employees. The new extra measures are listed below:

• Cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces in the Bar & Restaurant areas every half hour
• Removing all shared and common elements from the restaurant including silverware, barbecue sauce and paper towels
• Using all single packet barbecue sauce, mustard and hot sauce for guests
• We require all employees to wear gloves and masks while serving and talking to our guests
• Discouraging guests from paying with cash and requiring all employees handling cash to wear gloves
• Requiring all team members preparing, serving and clearing food or tables to wear gloves at all times
• Openning and closing times may change to conform with the Hellenic National Public Health & Safety rules.
• Requiring all employees to wash their hands immediately following clearing any tables
• Sending any employee home who does not feel well
• Canceling all live music events while the epidemic lasts